Why you should use freelance platforms.

An analysis of freelance platforms – Why you should use freelance platforms.

This is part 2 of our blog series titled “An analysis of freelance platforms”. In part 2 we will briefly go over a few of the benefits of using freelance platforms, for both the talented seller and the serious buyer.

These benefits include but are not limited to the following:

Find the talent you’re looking for from anywhere in world. 

Your company has access to thousands of freelancers from across the planet that have the talent you need for your projects. You could also attract freelancers that have the required skills and experience that you’re looking for by posting a request on the platform and allowing freelancers to bid on your request.

Reduces costs. 

Your business would save a great deal of money by hiring freelancers instead of full-time employees as you only pay freelancers for the work completed, not a fixed salary. You would also save a considerable amount as you would not need to pay for employee benefits nor would you have rental expense on additional office space for employees. As you can see hiring freelancers is immensely cost effective, you would get the same amount of work done at marginal cost.

Hire a freelancer only when required. 

Freelancers are hired on a per-project basis, this means that your engagement with a freelancer ends after the job is complete. This makes it a lot more convenient as there are no long-term commitments and it’s also secure as payments are only released to the freelancer once the job is complete and you are satisfied with the quality of work.

Work wherever you want. 

Freelancing enables you to work from home or wherever you desire. This allows you to use your time more productively; for example, the amount of time you would have spent on commuting to work everyday you can now spend on additional freelance jobs. At the same time, as a freelancer you can work at your own pace and you’re in complete control of your schedule, you are free to choose how many projects you want to engage in and when you want to work on them.

Peace-of-mind engagement. 

Both freelancers and buyers can engage confidently with each other, knowing that both parties are secure. Buyers are certain they will receive quality work and freelancers are guaranteed payment. And if there is ever a disagreement between the two parties for whatever reason, this too can be easily resolved through the dispute resolution system on the platform.

Congruent to the modern lifestyle.

The younger and mid-aged generation do not want to be bogged down by the monotonous, conventional 9-to-5 job. They want to be free to work at their own pace and have a healthy balance between their career and personal lives. This is exactly what freelance platforms provide. They are able to work on their desired projects at their own pace to earn as they need but still have ample time to spend on other personal activities.


There are far more benefits to freelance platforms than what are listed here but this should give you an idea of why these platforms should be utilised if you are a corporate or small business owner looking for a convenient way of hiring great talent or if you’re someone with highly sought-after skills and loads of experience looking to work from home and at your own pace.