So you’re ready to start earning money as a GigMastery affiliate

Below are a few marketing tools to get you on your way.

Copy and past this link into your social accounts, blogs, websites, emails or anywhere else you which to market.

Are you looking to promote specific links?

Here are a few short clips that will help you to get started with generating specific links that you can promote.


How to generate a job link.

In some cases you would prefer promoting a specific job to your target audience. As an example you may be a content writer and may want to post your job on your social platforms. This short clip demonstrates how you can achieve this.

How to promote a specific category.

You may find it valuable to promote an entire category of jobs. As an example, you may run a digital marketing business and may find it valuable to refer your customers to Blog Writers. Watch the clip for a step-by step guide.


Generate affiliate links for search results

Your target audience may have requested a freelancer with specific requirements. Search and filters will assist in finding results that match your criteria. You can then copy the link of the search results to generate an affiliate link that you can promote to your target audience. Watch this clip for a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

Below is your commission plan


Unique Site Visitors

When someone who has not visited the site before clicks on your affiliate link.

R 0.60/unique visit

New User Registration

This is when a new user registers as a result of clicking your affiliate link.

R 2.00/user registration


Published Job

When a user posts their first job as a result of clicking your affiliate link.

R 10.00/first published job

Jobs Sold

Revenue share of the jobs sold by a seller who listed their jobs through your affiliate link.

3% of the total job value


Jobs Sold

Revenue share of the jobs sold by a seller who listed their featured jobs through your affiliate link.

4% of the total job value



Commission earned from buyers who purchase a job as a result of clicking your affiliate link.

3% of the total job value

Ideas for Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

Social Accounts, Groups and Followers

Do you have access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social audiences. Generate links that are specifically aimed at your target audience through your social accounts. Paste the links in direct posts, blog posts or respond to comments within certain groups.

Services Complimentary to Yours

Do you want to promote freelancers on your website? Maybe you’re a graphic designer and digital marketing services compliment what you do, or you may be a logo designer for startups and may like to refer customers to web designers. Choose which services compliment yours and start earning by promoting them on your website.

Blog Post Promotions

Writing blogs is a great way of gaining a significant following. If you specialise in writing on a specific topic like the latest tech or everything e-commerce, embed your affiliate links in your blogs and get your readers to click your links. In this way you can start monetising your blog posts and followers.

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